Dash 4 Cash

Hello Brentwood All Stars!

This year, we raised $26,628 -- THANK YOU!



Dash for Cash is the major fundraiser for the PTO this year. It supports our school programs and promotes fitness, school spirit and community participation.​

How will the donations be used?

The PTO at Brentwood is an active group of parents and staff who work together to provide support to Brentwood Elementary. With past funds, the PTO purchased new playground equipment, computers/tablets, provide funds for planetarium and children’s theatre programs, grants for educational guest speakers, books, art programs, music programs and books for the library. Other sponsorships include field trips, accelerated reading programs, reading tutors, technology enrichment programs and scientific programs such as “Reptile Man”. Click here to learn more about what the PTO does


It takes a LOT of effort to put on this event, and we can use all the help we can get. Volunteer opportunities are as follows (refer to the schedule below for dates): All volunteers will receive one bear buck for a student of their choice for each volunteer session. Volunteers must register with the district, this usually takes about a week to complete. CLICK HERE FOR REGISTERATION INFO Then click here to sign up for some spots!

  • Counting Days: We start counting at around 9:30 am and try to be done by noon, but sometimes run over depending on how many people show up. Even if you can only show up for a little bit, we appreciate EVERY ONE who helps!
  • Race Day Prep: Thursday April 28th at 9:30 am. Sorting and distributing bibs and safety pins to the classrooms
  • Race Day: Help coordinating, marking laps on racers' bibs, handing out otter pops, etc.


Friday, April 1 - Kickoff Assembly

The PTO will give the students the run-down for this year. Packets will be coming home with your students after the assembly, so keep an eye out. In these packets, their will be an information sheet and envelope for the students to start collecting donations in.

April 1 - April 10 - SPRING BREAK!!!

We hope everyone has a great spring break. Remember, this is a good time to start collecting donations

Monday April 11 - Friday April 22 - Collections & Counting days

Collection days will be as follows

  • Monday April 11
  • Wednesday April 13
  • Friday April 15
  • Monday April 18
  • Wednesday April 20
  • Friday April 22
We ask that students bring in their donation envelopes on counting days only. Any donations received after counting concludes on Friday April 22nd will receive their prizes if possible, but will not go towards their individual or class rankings and will not be eligible for the top raffle entry.

Friday April 29 - RACE DAY

The main event. Come join your children in running or walking laps. All Star theme attire is encouraged, but please keep in mind this is an Elementary school and adherence to the school's dress code is required. Bring water and snacks.

  • 09:45am - 10:15am - First/Second Grade
  • 10:30am - 11:00am - Third/Fourth Grade
  • 11:15am - 01:00pm - Lunch Break
  • 01:10pm - 01:40pm - Fifth/Sixth Grade
  • 02:00pm - 02:20pm - Kindergarten

Friday May 6 - Final Assembly

At the end of school on Friday, we will hold the final assembly to hand out awards and recognize some of our top earning students.

Individual Prizes!

$5.00 - Sticky Hand

Every $10.00 - Bear Buck

For EVERY $10 a student brings in, they will receive 1 bear buck to spend on raffle entries. For a list of the raffles, click here.

$25.00 - All Star Duck

$40.00 - T-Shirt

A t-shirt designed by one of our students. Design contest entries must be returned by Friday April 15. For a printable entry sheet, click here.

$75.00 - Root Beer Float

A root beer float delivered to your class.

$100.00 - 10 Bonus Bear Bucks

10 bonus bear bucks to spend on raffle entries.

$125.00 - All Star Themed Party

Students will take a break from school for an all-star themed party at the park next to Brentwood. Food and treats!

$250.00 - Trampoline park pass

Tickets to Get-Air Trampoline Park.

$250.00 - Raffle Ticket

In addition to the trampoline park pass, every student who brings in at least will get an entry into the raffle for an inflatable slip and slide. *may not be the one pictured

Other Prizes

Top Classes

The top earning class on certain counting days will receive a class prize. Pay attention to the daily announcements for further details!

Golden Shoe Trophy

On race day, the class that runs the most total laps for each grade gets to take the coveted golden shoe trophy until next year.


Information Packet

Looking for other ways to donate?

Dash for Cash is our main source of funds, but did you know you can also raise money for Brentwood just by shopping at some of your favorite stores? Click here for details.

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